The Burner: Real facts regarding Student Grades in the Pandemic


1/26/2021 There is a lot of information out there regarding many aspects of the effects of the Pandemic on students. We here there is an increase in depression, anxiety and kids are struggling with distance or on-line learning. It’s one thing to pass on what you “hear” it’s another to […]

WIAA Tea: Winter Coalition Meeting


1/26/2021 The WIAA held their annual Winter Coalition meeting yesterday virtually. Usually the 53-voting member of the organization meets in a big in-person conference with presentations of proposed amendments (rule/procedure changes) followed by smaller break-out sessions for each amendment. This process is to give the voters as much information as […]

“That Got me to Thinkin…?” Buffets


1/18/2021 “That Got Me To Thinkin’…?” Chapter 31 “Buffets” By Bruce Williams Anytime I’ve ever been to a buffet I’ve had a hard time pinning down the smell in the air—probably because it’s equal parts fried chicken, Salisbury steak and an old man’s pillow case.  There used to be an […]

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