Column: “That Got Me to Thinkin’?”; “The Commute”


8/10/20 “That Got me to Thinking…?” Chapter 9 “The Commute” By Bruce Williams      Bruce Williams   I commute for 45 minutes into Bellevue most days, giving me ample time to observe and note several tendencies of my fellow travelers—things I’ll chuckle at, grow disgusted with or avoid altogether.  […]

Column: “That Got Me to Thinking”; The Basketball Game


6/29/2020 “That Got Me to Thinking…?” Chapter 3 “The Basketball Game” By Bruce Williams I had the opportunity to attend a basketball game at my former high school earlier this year with three old friends, two of which I hadn’t seen in over thirty years.  Gone were the swagger, posturing […]

Heartfelt Message


5/31/20 By Paul Beattie The title of this piece is as simple as I can make it. This is a long piece and I hope you will read it all for the full impact of my point to this writing. We are facing such hard times right now in this […]

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