“That Got me to Thinkin…?” Buffets


1/18/2021 “That Got Me To Thinkin’…?” Chapter 31 “Buffets” By Bruce Williams Anytime I’ve ever been to a buffet I’ve had a hard time pinning down the smell in the air—probably because it’s equal parts fried chicken, Salisbury steak and an old man’s pillow case.  There used to be an […]

The WIAA Tea: Executive Board updates Sports Re-Start plans


12/16/2020 ***Updated*** After Governor Inslee updated the in-person learning to allow more the WIAA released a statement of optimism regarding High School sports based on what the Governor presented. Here is the statement released by the WIAA: WIAA statement on revised in-person learning recommendations… “The revised recommendations for in-person learning […]

Thanksgiving 2020 Reasons to Celebrate


11/26/2020 Thanksgiving 2020. It doesn’t take much to find all the negatives that can and will be associated with anything tagged 2020. Normally we would all be taking a quick breath with State Cross Country, Volleyball, Girls Soccer, and two rounds of State Football all in the books. We would […]

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