(Renton, WA) The WIAA released their long awaited re-classification numbers after new rules were instituted in the counting of enrollment. The WIAA shifted back to a hard count to divide the schools in to 6 classifications from the 4a down to 1B. Here are the classifications and the enrollment cut-offs:

2020-24 Enrollment Ranges (grades 9-11)

Classification Enrollment Ranges Number of Schools
4A 1300+ 51
3A 900-1299 79
2A 450-899 62
1A 225-449 60
2B 105-224 61
1B 1-104 85


As always, schools may choose to opt up as many classifications as they but they cannot opt down, with one exception under a new rule instituted to try and help over-matched football teams compete. Schools can only opt down in football only. Another new rule allows schools to move down based on the number of students who receive free and reduced lunches. Depending on the percent of free and reduced lunch students a percent of the overall enrollment can be reduced allowing a school to drop no more than 1 classification.

The other change is the number of teams who qualify for the State Tournaments. Classifications currently all receive 16 team tournaments and the classifications were set with 65 teams, or close to 65. Under the new system classifications vary in numbers  from 51 to 85 schools. Here is the chart for next year:

Schools Offering Sport State Tournament Entries
 84+  24
 69-83  20
 50-68  16
 37-49  12
 20-36  8
19 or less Combine with smallest
classification above or below

The  biggest changes were not in the middle but on the edges. 1B exploded to the highest number of schools in a classification to 85 with another 5 schools dropping from 11-man football in 2B to 8-man in 1B. The 1B’s tournaments increase from 16 to 24 teams. Surprisingly 4A ended up being the classification with the fewest schools only 51 but will retain the 16 team format just barely. 3A also was the biggest receiver of new schools as they ballooned to 79 schools but just missed the 24 team format but will increase State Tournaments to 20 teams.

The 2A, 1A and 2B classifications all stayed pretty close to the 65 and will remain 16 team tournaments. Click here for the link to the news release from the WIAA.



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