State Soccer All-Tournament Teams




The Pacific Sports Spa and Thorbeckes Soccer All-Tournament teams are listed below we selected 1 MVP, 1 Goal Keeper and 10 1st Team Players. Special thanks to our sponsors and congratulations to our selections which are based solely on the State final 4 matches only.

4A Soccer All-Tournament Team

#3 Ivan Ceja

MVP: Ivan Ceja-Pasco

Goal Keeper

1. Jose Moreno-Gudino-Pasco

1st Team Players

1. Edwin Aquino-Pasco

2. Oscar Cortez-Pasco

3. Shingo Tereda-Skyview

4. Sebastian Miller-Skyview

5. Sebastian Alives-Eastmont

6. Laku Nagami-Skyview

7. Manny Lopez-Eastmont

8. Joseph Camp-Skyview

9. Kurtis Vanhout-Sumner

10. Michael Poe-Sumner

Coach: Matt Potter-Pasco


3A Soccer All-Tournament Team

#9 Oscar Harding

MVP: Oscar Harding-Garfield

Goal Keeper

1. Brian Doherty-Garfield

1st Team Players

1. Rowan Calveert-Roosevelt

2.  Peyton Menti-Garfield

3. Josh Chestnut-Garfield

4. Reece Wiyrick-Redmond

5. Avery Jacobson-Roosevelt

6. Nicholas Hintze-Lakeside

7. Jimmy Reid Torres-Roosevelt

8. Jacen Stein-Redmond

9. Angel Hernandez-Redmond

10. Joe Joe Richardson-Lakeside

Coach: Carlos Enriquez-Garfield

2A Soccer All-Tournament Team

MVP: Jack Kolosvary-Columbia River

Goal Keeper

1. Julian Houston-Burlington-Edison

1st Team Players

1. Edwin Ochoa-Highline

2. Maksim Yurichko-Columbia-River

3. Leandro Anaya-Highline

4. Jack Connop-Columbia-River

5. Trinidad Zuniga-Franklin Pierce

6. Emmanuel Cruz-Highline

7. Cameron Orestad-Burlington-Edison

8. Brandon Amezcua-Franklin Pierce

9. Trey Johnson-Columbia River

10. Jack Madsen-Highline

Coach: Fillomon Agenegus-Columbia River

1A Soccer All-Tournament Team


MVP: Esteban Sanchez-Ov erlake

Goal Keeper

1. Melchor Celaya-Wahluke

1st Team Players

1. Rish Rathinam-Overlake

2. Bafode Drame-Seattle Academy

3. Yerik Arellano-Wahluke

4. Evan Williams-Overlake

5. Michael Rojas-Royal

6. Adrian Valentine-Seattle Academy

7. Juan Acevedo-Wahluke

8. Alonso Hernandez-Royal

9. Alex Delgado-Royal

10. Joseph Raymond-Overlake

Coach: Scott Lane-Overlake

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