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Welcome to ELI Radio!

Listen to live broadcasts on one of our three stations. A full weekly schedule will be posted no later than Sunday evening for the following week. You can also connect to other streamed broadcasts by scrolling down and we have linked those broadcasts to the radio station providing the coverage.


****If you are looking for Post Season broadcasts go to Eli Radio Post Season or Click Here 


ELI Radio 1 brought to you by the Port of Centralia




Announcers: Paul Beattie and Tony Davila

listen here


ELI Radio 2

Announcers: Brent Bryant, Keith Clark, Jeromy “Tip” Felts

listen here


ELI Radio 3 brought to you by


Announcers: Ron Soanka, Dan O’Dell, Rodney Lawrence, Matt Conboy

listen here



More links to other Football games:

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KBAM    Link to Listen

Forks1490      Link to Listen

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KGMI    Link to Listen

KWLE     Link to Listen

KAPS     Link to Listen

KBCR     Link to Listen

ISPN      Link to Listen

KONP     Link to Listen

SLSN      Link to Listen




 WIAA Network


Here is a free download so Mac users can listen to the Windows Media Player stream:


Here is a tutorial so i-Phone users can listen to the Windows Media Player stream: