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Welcome to ELI Radio!

Listen to live broadcasts on one of our two stations. A full weekly schedule will be posted no later than Sunday evening for the following week. You can also connect to other streamed broadcasts by scrolling down and we have linked those broadcasts to the radio station providing the coverage.

ELI Radio 1 brought to you by the Port of Centralia





Wednesday, April 16 Centralia at Tumwater  4:20 Pre-Game 4:30 1st pitch   Listen Here

Thursday, April 17 Tumwater at Black Hills  3:50 Pre-Game 4:00 1st pitch   Listen Here

Friday, April 18 River Ridge at W F West  4:20 Pre-Game 4:30 1st pitch   Listen Here


*Thursday, April 17  Black Hills at Centralia  6:50 Pre-Game, 7pm Kick-off   Listen Here

*(Game may be joined in progress, it will follow the baseball game and we have to get from Tumwater to Centralia we will update our airtime via twitter and facebook.)

Saturday, April 19 Washougal at Centralia  1:50 Pre-Game 2:00 Kick-off   Listen Here

ELI Radio 2


Wednesday, April 16  Fife at Clover Park  6:50 Pre-Game, 7:00 Kick-off  Listen Here

Thursday, April 17  Mt Tahoma at Timberline  4:50 Pre-Game, 5:00 Kick-off  Listen Here

Thursday, April 17  Lincoln at North Thurston  6:50 Pre-Game, 7:00 Kick-off  Listen Here

Saturday, April 19  Olympia at Capital  6:50 Pre-Game, 7:00 Kick-off  Listen Here


More links to other games:

KELA    Link to Listen Here

Wed    4/16                 Tumwater at Centralia(Fastpitch)                         4:30                                         

Tue     4/22                 Tumwater at WF West (Fastpitch)                                    4:30 PM

Wed    4/23                 Tumwater at WF West (Baseball)                           4:30

Thu      4/24                 Centralia vs. FP at Cheney Stadium (Baseball)      6:00

Fri       4/25                 Aberdeen at Centralia(Baseball)                             4:30

Tue      4/29                 WF West at Centralia (Baseball)                    4:30

Wed    4/30                 WF West at Centralia (Fastpitch)                   4:30

Tue      5/6                   Black Hills at WF West (Baseball)                           4:30



 WIAA Network


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