Legendary Broadcast team Dick Nichols and Larry McMillan join the ESN team


The voice of Dick Nichols has resonated throughout Thurston County for decades. For years if you wanted to listen to High School sports you could always count on Nichols to bring you every second of action. Right beside Nichols has been his trusty sidekick Larry McMillan. McMillan for years has kept stats and provided lively cross talk with Nichols at literally thousands of football and basketball games and now they will bring that experience and familiarity back to the broadcast booth with the Eli Sports Network.

Nichols and McMillan took a year off after leaving Olympia radio station KGY. Nichols and the station were unable to work out a deal and Nichols was questioning whether he wanted to continue calling games. It didn’t take long before Nichols and McMillan were missing the excitement of the game and broadcast and felt the urge to get back behind the mic. We at ESN had been in contact with the duo from the time they left KGY and told them they always had a home with Eli.

We were ecstatic to get a phone call from Nichols just last week expressing his interest in calling games. After a meeting where we assured Nichols and his partner McMillan that all they had to do was to come and broadcast that we would take care of everything else. Since we webcast we run everything from the location. We also tweet and update scores while on the air. Nichols and McMillan will be joined by our ace producer and part time play-by-play and color commentator Jeromy “Tip” Felts. Felts will take care of everything for the duo except for their personal preparation and the dependable rasp of Nichols voice calling another touchdown.

ESN has 2 webstreams, we call them Eli radio 1 and 2. We are working to add at least 1 Eli TV stream hopefully by the end of Fall sports. Nichols and McMillan will be working mostly games in the Olympia area. ESN will be expanding our base of coverage from Southwest Washington up into the Narrows and South Puget Sound Leagues. As always our policy is not to broadcast a game that is already being called by a radio station or other on-line service as long as the game is being streamed and we can link those broadcasts.

After being assured that they would not have to take any training classes to get back on the air, Nichols and McMillan were anxious to get back in the saddle and do what they do best bring you the listener great play-by-play action when you are not able to get to the game. Unless you have your i-phone then you too can listen to the legendary pipes of Dick Nichols and Larry McMillan.

Nichols, McMillan and Felts will lead off on Friday, September 6 at Ingersoll Stadium for the Newport vs Capital game. ESN does not schedule out more than a week at a time to allow us to find out which games are already being covered and then we look for the best match-ups from the many games that go uncovered.

ESN also will be doing a full schedule of Volleyball and Girls Soccer but Nichols and McMillan will stick to football and then basketball in the winter. You can find our full weekly schedule along with links to many other games by clicking on the Eli Radio button on our home page.

ESN couldn’t be prouder than to be the home of Nichols and McMillan. We hope when you see them in the stands or the crowd to give them a rousing welcome back.


Legendary Broadcaster Dick Nichols joins ESN.

Legendary Broadcaster Dick Nichols joins ESN.

Longtime Color Analyst Larry McMillan with his Grandchildren

Longtime Color Analyst Larry McMillan with his Grandchildren